Health and Wellness Workshop with Dr Bob Rakowski

drbobWe are delighted to announce that Weight Loss Guru’s Pete Cohen is hosting an exclusive FREE workshop with our special guest from Texas, Dr Bob Rakowski, on Wednesday the 28th of August between 6-9pm in Central London. To register email  [email protected]

Dr Bob is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of combining science and natural medicine to help you to look better, feel better and live longer.

He is a chiropractor, kinesiologist, certified clinical nutritionist, certified BTA instructor, AFMCP graduate, and the clinic director of the Natural Medicine Center in Houston, Texas.

His clinical experience ranges from treating elite professional athletes, children, and the walking wounded to treating critically ill patients with a variety of cancers and autoimmune diseases. Dr Bob is regularly quoted by Charles Poliquin as one of the top experts in the field of nutrition and well being.

The events will be structured into 3 sessions:

Session 1. ” You can have 100 great years”  

Lifestyle strategies to get the most out of life.

Most of us want to live long, healthy and happy lives but what are the best  ways to go about this.  In this presentation Dr Bob will explain the lifestyle strategies to  get the most out of life.  He will explain what it takes from a nutritional, physical and psychological perspective for people to create the internal environment for us to achieve optimal health and live long and meaningful lives.

Session 2. The truth about Coffee and the benefits of the Ganodema Herb

Dr Bob will reveal the extraordinary truth about the health benefits of coffee and one of the planets most amazing herbs, Ganoderma. The health benefits will amaze you and there is plenty of evidence to prove it.

Session 3. A unique business opportunity for all.

The company that brings the benefits of these 2 products is Organo Gold. We reveal how you can enjoy this unique product and how many people have built successful businesses spreading the word to people open to the prospect of a healthier wealthier life.

We will be giving more information on the location of these event shortly so you can register as places are limited. To  register your interest please email to [email protected] and state that you are coming to the event on the 28th of August.

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