More Health Benefits of Ganoderma

Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma Lucidum

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for health benefits for more than 7,000 years and have incredible properties. Ganoderma, or the reishi mushroom, is called “the mushroom of immortality.” In one study from the National Organization on Health, Ganoderma was listed to have properties that can treat liver conditions, chronic hepatitis, kidney inflammation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, insomnia, bronchitis, asthma, gastric ulcers, athlosclerosis, low white cell count, diabetes, anorexia and cancer. Studies have shown that ganoderma actually preserves brain and heart cells.

Why are we trying to promote this? Because Organo Gold has 250 milligrams of 100% USDA certified ganoderma. Once we were sold on the health properties of the coffee, we tried the coffee and realized that it was really quite delicious and gave us amazing amounts of energy as well.

Health Benefits of Ganoderma

Regardless of whether people want to make a business of it or not, they owe it to themselves to try this amazing coffee and what kind of health benefits it can have.

They have found that this particular herb Ganoderma can preserve brain and heart cells. It works as a powerful antioxidants and the main cells that it preserves is the mitochondria, which is 94% of human energy.

Let’s take a look at some other health benefits of Ganoderma.

Promotes Weight Loss

One of the side benefits that a lot of people report is weight loss. You simply cannot store fat without insulin. If you look at coffee by itself, it has an anti-diabetic benefit. People who drink the most coffee have the lowest incident of type II diabetes. Once you add in the Ganoderma herb, it enhances insulin signaling, increases fat burning, and decreases the whole body serum glucose level.

Ganoderma also prevents death of the pancreatic beta cells, the cells that make insulin, and actually enhances beta cell regeneration. So he’s been using this with the diabetics in a natural way. Ganoderma also prevents the liver’s production of sugar, therefore prevents less substance to be converted to fat to be stored.

Strengthens Immune System

Mushrooms need antiviral compounds to survive in their environment, which is why antiviral compounds can be found in many of these mushrooms. Ganoderma has an anti-viral and anti-cancer effect. It is used as an immune stimulant by people with cancer (as well as HIV), and has been shown to boost immunity as well as combat cancer-cell proliferation.

Fights Cancer

In a 2003 study of 34 people with advanced-stage cancer, for instance, taking Ganoderma in supplement form three times daily for 12 weeks led to a significant increase in T-cells (known to play a central role in immune defense).

It’s estimated that by the time a cancer tumor has been detected, it’s been there for 7 years. And likely a person gets a single cancer cell every day. The National Journal of oncology found that when Ganoderma was used with cancer – it resulted in suppression of cell migration of highly invasive human breast and prostate cancer cells. A study in Nutrition and Cancer 2011 found it’s an effective anti-inflammatory breast cancer therapy.

The perfect storm of cancer is low oxygen, low nutrients, and high acid. The number of powerful nutrients and botanicals within this mushroom addresses this, especially by creating antioxidants. By being a nitric oxide facilitator, it dilates blood vessels and deals with the oxygen component.

Improve blood circulation and lowers stroke risk

Ganoderma is a nitric oxide facilitator. Nitric oxide is a natural blood vessel dilator which improves blood circulation. Ganoderma produces significant inhibition of thrombosis and is 20-30 times stronger than aspirin to preventing a clotting-induced death.

Protects your Liver

Ganoderma significantly protected the liver (from the effects of numerous toxins including acetaminophen) of toxicity.

Provides Quality Energy and Sleep

The stress management effect of this herb gives you more energy and yet gives you better sleep. As your body’s energy is smoother, and there’s less stress hormones, this helps the balance of the two.

Improves Heart and Sexual health function

If the blood vessels dilate like they’re supposed to, and the nitric oxide is working as it should, the chemical in ganoderma dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure as well as increases sexual function in both men and women.

A Natural Antioxidant

Aging occurs as our body is damaged by the free-radicals. The better we keep our antioxidant status, the more we preserve the cells of our body. Mitochondria makes 94.4% of human energy. Mitochondria are more subject to the damage of free-radicals. Studies show that Ganoderma is phenomenal a preserving the mitochondria, especially of the heart and brain, and is the main use as an anti-oxidant.

Provides Anti-aging properties

Aging of skin is an oxidation process. There are four processes that are documented with aging include inflammation, oxidation, methylation, and protein glycation. Every one of these aging factors is addressed by components of the herb and components in coffee.  The major processes that keep you healthy, are promoted in a healthy way with this herb.

The fact is Ganoderma creates a healthier environment in the body. To find out more about this wonder herb watch the video underneath or you can purchase a number of healthy hot drink products

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