Health benefits of coffee

Ganoderma LucidumI came across a brilliant blog post from Charles Poliquin on the health of coffee. He highlighted that;

1)    Association studies show the more coffee you drink a day, the lower your risk of death by all causes.
2)    Coffee improves vascular health, decreases risk of diabetes, and lowers risk of heart disease. Although caffeine may raise blood pressure acutely, it has no long-term effect on blood pressure in the vast majority of people.
3)    Coffee is jam packed with antioxidants called caffeic and chlorogenic acid, which lower your risk of a variety of cancers, and are linked to HDL increases.
4)    Drinking coffee increases the metabolic rate so that your burn more calories and it can help shift the body to burn fat rather than glucose for energy. A series of studies show that supplementing with coffee that is particularly high in antioxidants can lead to significant loss of 4 percent body fat over 6 weeks.
To read more of the benefits please visits Charles’s blog.


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